Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blast From The Past - Five Stones!

Having 4 kids in a small apartment on a raining day can get quite tortuous sometimes. So after I managed to get my youngest prince to take a nap, I came up with a crafting project for the older kids. I decided to introduce them to the game which I enjoyed playing when I was small - Five Stones
We began by cutting scrap fabric to get 5 5cm x 10cm rectangular pieces. And since both Prince J and my princess wanted to have their own, I cut 10 pieces. Then we fold the rectangular piece into half so that it look like a square. I taught them to do simple, small and straight stitches around 2 sides of the square to make a small bag.

It took some time and I thought that they would run out of patience!

but surprisingly, both of them finished stitching all the pieces!

Next we flipped the bags over to show the right side of the fabric.

And I put in the beans...

Fold down about 0.5cm and stitched the opening up (stitch it up so that it becomes a pyramid shape) and voila!

In anticipation of the future fights and arguments on which is whose, I've also made 2 small bags and stitched on the first letter of the names onto the bags for easy identification.

Now the kids have a new game (which needs lots of practice!) which they can bring around easily!

Here is a video to show how it is play.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Character Keychain

I have been working on my orders recently and one of them is a request for a special character keychain. So as always I was sitting on the sofa, "listening" to the tv and crocheting. Hubby, while on his way to fetch something to drink from the kitchen, stopped by to "check-in" on me.

"So what are you working on now?"
"Oh, it's a character from Korea." I replied without looking up.
"Oh... It's a small guy stuffed in a small hat?"
"What?!" I was clueless about what he was talking about until I looked up and saw what he was looking at...

"I have a head and two arms to go with that..." I was slightly amused. "Oh, ok, so it's not done yet huh?" and off he went, continue making his way to the kitchen...

After more intense crocheting, I was finally done! A Pucca keychain!

I like Pucca! ^.^

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Exciting News!

After a period of struggling to set up my own website, I gave up! I realised that it is not worth all my brain cells when easier alternative is readily available - on!

So after 2 nights of working on it, I hereby announce that I am the proud owner of a small esty store "Village Inspired"!! *clap clap clap*

I don't ask for too much, just a steady stream of customers! (Is this too much? ^_^)

Also, look what came with the mail!

My own labels!

After some consideration, I've decided to invest a small amount of money on my own labels. The result is not as good as I thought it would be, but it is still quite alright. I think I should select white background and black text next time, or maybe black background with white text...? Oh well, I have to use up all 100 pieces of this before I can make a new order!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Take A Break keychains - Singaporean Style!

I have made new variations for the "Take-A-Break" keychain! These are pastries which all Singaporeans are familiar with and it is common to have some of these for breakfast, with a nice hot cup of coffee!

Curry puff with coffee.

Egg tart with coffee.

Looking at these pictures now gives me craving!!!! I'll make the edible version this weekend!