Friday, November 25, 2011

Cladonia Shawl

Remember this WIP?

Now it's finally done! Woohoo! My very first shawl!

I really need to make more time to take a proper picture.... but trust me this shawl looks great! (Even though I used some left over yarn, and ended up having to buy more of this "left over" yarn... 

This is a purchased pattern from Ravelry by a designer named Kirsten Kapur.  I have another of her shawl pattern which I can't wait to cast on! But I really need to finish mittens for my 4-yr old princess, double-knitting is soooooo confusing! But this will come as a new post once I'm done. ^.^

This was very fun to knit and the instruction are clear and easy to understand.  This will not be the last one coz princess has already ordered one in lavendar/purple! :D  And I think this will make a wonderful and warming gift as well.  I just wish that I can have more time to knit...  It is tricky to be very accurate with the stitches when I have a 2 yr-old who needs my attention every 10 seconds.  And since there is a lace pattern at the end of the shawl, I need to focus and concentrate more (you know, counting stitches and stuff) and there had been many times when I was in deep concentration, a 2 yr-old decided to jump on me and in the process causing many stitches to drop (OMG!)! And after picking up the dropped stitches (or at least I tried, I gave up counting after some time, it'll never be the same number as what was stated on the pattern ever again.... *sob*), I totally forgot where I was in the pattern.... =.="

Before I get the chance to block this, my princess has already worn it to school =.=".  I think I'll just spray water and iron it gently.  I have a 2-yr old running around everywhere and I don't want to risk the possible injuries he'll sustain if I leave a big piece of shawl to dry, pinned down to shape in lots of PINS!

Any knitters out there who has the same problem blocking their finished works properly with small kids running around? Any tips to share? 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Barbie ready for winter!

Thank you to my dear friend Lina, who pointed me to this awesome website Sticka till Barbie, which means "Knitting for Barbie" in Swedish.  My princess and I were drooling over all the pretty clothing and accessories and having a conversation that went something like this....

Princess: "Mommy, can you make this one?"

Mommy: "No.... too complicated."

Princess: "How about this one?"

Mommy: "Too complicated."

Princess: "This one then?"

Mommy: "Too complicated."

This went on for awhile, to the point when I thought that I shouldn't teach my girl to admit defeat without trying, so we agreed on pattern no. 382 and I told her that I'd try my best and we'd see how it turns out.  And it turned out pretty ok! ^.^

Except that it was just a little bit too short..... well, I want to bring out Barbie's super long legs.... ok ok I learnt my lesson to not be so lazy and measure stuff instead of just "eyeball-ing" them.... :P

Hmm.... maybe I can knit a pair of wrist warmers and some thigh-high boots/socks for her to compensate...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Crochet Aviator's Hat

Saw a lot of these on the internet and wanted to try one myself.

I didn't follow any pattern (I would usually avoid following patterns if I can, too lazy! :P), just crocheted a beanie that fits my youngest prince, added the front and ear flaps, crocheted 2 big "buttons", sewed them on and finally did an edging to give it a more "finished" look.  I think it turned out alright. If I make it again I'll need to move the ear flaps a few stitches back and make them wider. And it looks so cute on Prince C!

However, trying to take a picture of a toddler who's constantly on the move with my dummy-proof digital camera turns out to be a mission which I think even James (Mr. Bond, that is) can't complete! After taking several pictures of some blurry "object" with a tail of blurri-ness trailing behind (coz he was running!) and a couple of Houdini-s (he was in the frame when I raised my camera but by the time I pressed the button, he was gone....), I decided to change my model!

On to my next project! ^.^