Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Second Cladonia Shawl!

This shawl is so easy to knit, it's like my de-stress knitting project!  I started this while waiting for the new yarns for the Gryffindor-inspired mittens to arrive (so was annoyed to find out that the yarns weren't enough to finish the project!).   This one is for my princess and she specifically asked for purple, so I used baby pink, lavender and purple for the edging.

Pardon me for the bad lighting (It's winter now, so daylight is like gold! It was so short, it passed after I was done with the laundry.....) and the quality of the photo (well, I can't afford a new camera with sophisticated functions...). Right, I admit, I'm not a photographer!  The purple looks like blue! Arggghhh....!  But trust me, the shawl looks pretty! It really does!

Gryffindor-inspired Mittens

Here they are! A pair of Gryffindor-inspired mittens for the eldest prince, who is a real Harry Potter addict.

It is, again a double-knitted project because of the increased warmth factor.  And if he ever gets sick of this side, he can just flip them over to show the opposite side!

(Ok, if you spot the mistake I made on the opposite side, please just keep it to yourself yeah? : p)