Thursday, September 29, 2011

Granny Square Cushion Covers

My mum has been here since July and she'll be here for 3 months till October ('coz that's when the weather gets too unbearably cold for her).  Having mum here is great! She's helping with almost everything and we have fun doing stuff together and having small fights to spice up our otherwise super boring lives! :D

The problem is that Link√∂ping is a small town, well, coming from Singapore, it IS small in comparison.  There is nothing much to do here and no where especially interesting to go to as well... okay, that's not so fair to say that... there are many things to do if you're into nature and the great outdoor but being typical Singaporeans, our greatest interests are finding new places to eat and window shopping.  Therefore, in order to keep my mum occupied (yeah, other then helping me with housework, preparing meals and fussing over the kids...), I got her to pick up the crochet hook again after many many years.  And thanks to internet, I'm able to teach her new ways of crocheting and some new stitches.  She almost broke into tears when she found out that I've become so domesticated! Okay, I was exaggerating, maybe she was just tearing up because of the onions I've asked her to help me chopped...

Being someone who is bored out of her mind all the time a crafter, I have a loooong list of projects I want to try, and crocheting cushion covers is one of them.  So I bought some yarns, showed my mum how to start a magic ring, told her the pattern, type of stitches to use and how many and told her "Now, crochet!" left her to finish the project. Except for some problem with changing of colours, I think she has done a great job!


And when she's done with one, she's eager to do another one....

And when she's done with the second one, she felt that she has had enough.... "...but mum, I have 3 cushions....", so she ploughed forward to finish the third one! :P

And I couldn't wait to try them on my cushions (which are kinda old and lumpy...) and to my horror, my 1-year old hooked his tiny fingers through the gaps in between the granny square and started lifting the cushions like weights!  >.<"

Hmmm... looks like this pattern is not so toddler-friendly, need to come up with a better pattern! =.="