Saturday, June 11, 2011

Simple Shorts

Here in Sweden, we don't get to wear shorts so often. So the moment the temperature hits 20 degrees, we can't wait to dig out whatever shorts we have! ^.^ The 2 small babies in the family only have 1 pair of shorts each, so I decided to make some on my own!

It's not that difficult to draw your own pattern. Get a pair of shorts that fits and fold it into half and trace it on a piece paper, remember to leave seam allowance, do the same for front and back, cut it out and there you have it! You just made your own pattern!

Then I put the patterns on a big over-sized t-shirt which nobody can wear (don't ask me how we got it!) and cut them out. Next, sew the 2 front pieces together at the crotch and do the same for the 2 back pieces. After that, sew up the sides to join the front and back pieces together. This is my trial version which I hand sewed... except for the stupid mistake made in cutting the fabric, it looks quite good!

And I made another one for the youngest prince from an old blouse "donated" by a dear friend! ^.^

Added in a pocket just for fun!

Not forgetting a special touch...

Add in elastic bands and it's done!

And don't forget to iron them to give them a more "professional" look! :P