Friday, December 21, 2012

Homemade Tofu

I attended a Taiwanese/Chinese (and 1 Singaporean - that is me!) gathering some time ago.  We had a lot of good food and desserts.  We gossiped and shared experiences about our lives in Sweden.  And when I saw one of the tofu dish, I just had to ask for recipe!

This recipe comes from Lorina, a Taiwanese friend who is very good in cooking and baking.  Check out her blog (in Chinese)!  And this is my homemade tofu!

The ingredients and some salt of course!

I don't have a bowl that is the right height, so I used 2 small dishes for sauce.  Improvise my friends!

I started by have the lid completely closed on the rice cooker to get the temperature going.  Once the water is boiling, I opened a small gap so that the temperature doesn't get too high.

Voilà! Tofu!

Then I cut them into cubes (it's kinda soft, so the cubes are not so even.  But I didn't waste anything, the rest of the small and uneven pieces went into my mouth!) and coat them with corn flour (normal flour will work as well).

Then they all go into the hot pot!

Fried tofu with sweet chili sauce! That's the way we like to eat our tofu!

Here is the recipe in English (well, good things need to be shared!):


250ml Unsweetened soy bean milk
3 eggs
salt or chicken powder to taste (do not add chicken powder if this is for baby consumption)
As much spring onion, bonito flakes as you like (taste great with seaweed strips as well!)
Small amount of Japanese bonito soy sauce


  1. Beat the eggs and add into soy bean milk, mix well.
  2. Sieve the mixture until all the bubbles are gone, add in the seasonings, mix well and pour into the appropriate container.  Put into rice cooker and steam until mixture is firm.  Done!
  3. Sprinkle on spring onion, bonito flakes, seaweed strips and pour in a small amount of the Japanese bonito soy sauce before eating.  It tastes great when it's cool as well.
Gentle reminder
To prevent the mixture from having the "bee hive" appearance, temperature control is important.

  1. You can put more water in the rice cooker.
  2. Do not allow the container with the mixture to touch the base of the rice cooker, you can put an inverted bowl at the base and put the mixture on top of it.
  3. Do not close the lid of the rice cooker completely and leave a small gap.