Monday, June 21, 2010

Adopted A Westie!

No, we haven't expand our family by getting a new pet. It’s the new appliqué I did for my youngest prince.

Westies are energetic dogs and they look so cute with their white (almost silvery) fur. We have been talking about getting a dog, however, we have 2 pre-teens, 1 toddler, 1 baby and a slightly unstable mom (well, if you spend most of your days listening to the constant squabbles of 2 pre-teens, fighting with a toddler over everything from changing his diaper to fixing him a glass of milk, and having lengthy conversations with a 6 months old baby, you will be quite unstable too!) at home now and bring in a new puppy will just add more chaos to the current situation.

So I think I’ll just stick to appliqué for now!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

For A Little Princess

Today is the wedding day of the Swedish Crown Princess. And oh, so beautiful she was, walking down the isle with grace and elegance towards her Prince Daniel... The Swedish royal family is well-loved by the people, especially the warm-hearted and sincere Crown Princess Victoria.

We attended a birthday party for a little princess today, who turned 2. I asked her mommy several weeks ago for some "hints" as to what kind of presents we should get and she said that book is always nice to have. So we bought 2 nice storybooks, which my princess wrapped and she also made a "name" card.

The other present standing at the back is a "Miffy-inspired" doll I made for little princess, Tuva.

I've also stitched her name and a small heart to personalize it and as you can see, my stitching needs major improvement...

I hope princess Tuva likes her new friend.

Happy 2nd Birthday, little Miss Sunshine!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Bliss

Nothing beats having an ice cream on a hot summer day, it's a moment of pure bliss! However, I always think (and I know it as a fact!) that I should lose some weight. It has been 6 months since I had my baby and I'm still walking around wobbling like jelly in many areas...

But check out these small cornetto ice creams! They contain absolutely NO calories and are definitely figure-friendly! Just watch out for an overdose of cuteness though!

Strawberry Cornetto (keychain) for my princess.

Chocolate with nuts (fridge magnet) for me!!

Now I'm going to dig into the chocolate and vanilla ice cream which hubby has sweetly served up to me!

Have you had your ice cream yet? ^_^

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Old Jeans Made New!

My children wear jeans to school everyday (except princess who wears skirt occasionally), out to play with their friends and even at home (that's just because they're lazy to change into something else), therefore "hole-y" jeans are a common item in our family.

I usually just try my best to patch them up and try to make it look still decent enough to wear. However, after several patches, the area where the holes usually appear (it's always at the knee...) becomes so big that it's just ridiculous to continue patching!

So far I've made a bag and a pair of shorts for my princess from her old jeans. And last week, she came to me with another pair... what should I make this time?

This was what I had...

After cutting...


And using the left-over fabric from the legs...

Sew them up, pinned some ruffles and sew onto end of the skirt...

And voilà!

I've also crocheted some flowers and chain-stitched the letter "A" in my attempt to enhance the skirt.

Princess was very happy with the result and that's my reward! ^_^