Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bean Bag for Baby

I promised a dear friend that I'll make her a bean bag for her new born little girl. All four of my kids have had bean bags when they were newly borned. The two smaller ones still have them, even though they are now 1 and 3! ^.^ The bean bag acts as a added weight on the baby's tummy, so they will not jump (ok, not literally since they're so small... but you know when I mean!) so much from sudden loud noise or when they're changing position while sleeping. I find that when I wrap my new born with the small hands bound tightly at the sides and a bean bag on the tummy, the baby sleeps better and longer. Hopefully my friend will find this tip useful so that she can gain a little bit more time to do other stuff.

So here it is! A bean bag filled with green beans and lots of love! ^.^

And since it's for a little princess, I can go crazy with girly decorations! Ok, I did control myself...

For a sweet heart...

And since it's for a princess, I HAVE to add in some lace!

I hope this bean bag will bring comfort and security to the little princess, so that she can sleep better. It's a tough job having to grow so fast in her first year, she needs all the beauty sleep she can get!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

iPod Shuffle Cuffs

2 of the bigger kids received en iPod Shuffle each on their birthday last year. Since then, they've been walking around carrying the tiny thing either in their hands or in their pockets. When I saw that, my creative lightbulb (a really small one!) lit up and I made this!

A cuff for the wrist with a small bag...

...especially dedicated to put the tiny iPod Shuffle!
And it keeps the wrist warm! (well, kinda..)

And of course I made two!

And on to the next project...