Monday, February 28, 2011

Fingerless Gloves!

After the socks, I was itching to do more knitting and at the request of my princess, a pair of fingerless gloves are born!

And she loves it!
And it seems like I have problem stopping at a pair.... :P

Monday, February 7, 2011

Knitted Socks!

The last time I touched a set of knitting needles was about 5 years ago and I was just doing simple things like scarves and hats.

Some time ago, the temperature our part of the world dropped to minus 20 something degrees. Hubby and I were talking about buying thicker socks for the kids and suddenly he said,"But you can knit them!" (ok, his actual words were "But you can make them!" That's the engineer talking, he MAKES everything! ^.^) I was hesitant because I have never used double pointed knitting needles and have never tried knitting socks, they just look so complicating to do!

So after doing some research online and found a few wonderfully made Youtube films, I started knitting my very first sock!

This was the first prototype. I was just trying to get use to the needles and trying out the different stitches and decreasing methods....

This was the second prototype, getting there....

Ta-da! Ladies and gentlemen, presenting my first sock! And it looks quite ok!

And most importantly, the recipient of these socks are happy with them! ^.^

And now I'm on to make a pair for my princess! ^.^