Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hubby's Christmas Present!

I always find it tough to buy presents for my hubby. The stuff that he wants, I can't afford them. The stuff that I can afford, he already has loads of them... Last year I thought I did a good job getting him an electronic photo frame, one which you can put in a memory card and it'll just flashes pictures randomly from the memory card. He was surprised and was very happy with that. This year I've really been cracking my head on what to buy for him... Since budget is an issue here, I decided to crochet him something!

And this is what I came up with!

Mythbusters - Jamie and Adam!

Hubby is a great fan of "Mythbusters" and has always been saying how fun it will be to be working in the same team together with those guys. Well, it's beyond my contacts to get him a job on the show, but I brought the main characters to him! (well, at least I tried...)

Adam's shirt says "Mythbusters"! (sorry for my poor embroidery skills! :P)

And Jamie's says "Rotosub", which is my hubby's company! ^.^

I thought they are quite cute! ^.^ And I really hope that hubby will like them!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

St. Lucia Day

Here in Sweden, the schools celebrate St. Lucia Day. On 13th December, there will be a procession in schools. There will also be procession done in the church early in the morning and broadcast on tv. Usually a girl will be selected to be Lucia and a few more to be her maids. And in school, there will be boys selected to be "Stjärngoosar" ("Star boys")and "Pepparkaksgubber" ("Gingerbread boys") or "Tomtenissar" ("Santa's elves") .

And in my children's elementary school, the Lucia procession is always done by the kids in Year 3. Last year, my eldest prince was a star boy. This year was my princess's turn and she was to be one of the maid to Lucia. Princess A has got an old costume which she wore 3 years ago during the Lucia procession in the kindergarten. Thinking that she'll only wear the costume once, I was very reluctant to buy a new one. So I took out the costume which Prince J wore last year and announced bravely that I would try to modify it into a maid's costume! And if it fails, then we'll shop for a new one....

So this was how the star boy costume looked like before I started taking some stuff apart...

I started by removing the standing collar...

Took out the collar from Princess's maid costume from 3 years ago and attached to the "new" costume...
Took out the lace from the sleeves of the old costume and attached to the "new" costume...

Sewed in elastic bands close to the end of both sleeves...

Ta-dah! There you have it, a "new" maid costume!

And of course this has to get an okay from Princess A, who was the one wearing it. She was very happy with the result! A little DIY and we saved 199kr! Yippee!