Sunday, September 30, 2012

Polly's Poop Bag

We are wearing jeans out at super speed in this family.  They kids wear jeans everyday to school, so it is no wonder that their jeans get worn out within months!  Hence, I always have jeans with holes stored somewhere, until I find other ways to use them.

We got a puppy this summer.  She has brought a lot of joy (and frustration!!) to our lives and the older kids have gotten more exercise because it is their duty to walk her.  And I'm starting to find poop bags in the washing machine because the kids carry them in their pockets. Finally! A way to recycle my old jeans!!

This is the result!
It works with the flexi-leash, I just need to put a ring on the leash.

Works great with the other leash as well!  Success!!

And yes, her name is Polly!