Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Teachers Appreciation Gifts - 2013

Once again it's the end of the school year for the children and by the time this post is up, summer holiday has already started!

Every year we will make small gifts to be given to the teachers to express thanks for their patience and guidance for the past year.

This year, we bought coffee mugs from Ikea and some markers for porcelain and made these!

Peacock feathers for the ladies and bamboo for the men!  I came up with these simple designs which even the kids can duplicate, after all they are the ones who should be making all these for their own teachers.

With their names included as part of the designs and in Chinese as well!

My princess baked thumb print cookies to go with the coffee mugs.

In goes the cookies....

nested in the blue napkin.

Put all of these in a small plastic bag and tied with a simple ribbon! Done!

The thumb print cookies is a recipe taught by one of the teachers during Home Economics class, so it's a nice touch to show the teachers that they remember what they have learnt! :)

Now, what should we make next year??

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